Women in facility management

Traditionally, facility management has been a male-centralized career field. Women opting for a career in such fields were few. Moreover, in facility management, men outnumbered women in many leadership roles. 

However, things have begun changing drastically over the decade with as much as 25 percent women becoming a part of the facility management sector. Companies are recognizing the value of more diverse teams, which will certainly change the face of the industry.

Roles and responsibilities: 

Changes begin steadily but consistently. There is a rapid increase in the number of women who are opting for a career in facility management. Women are now even taking up leadership roles in the facilities management industry. 

From Marketing to Facilities Manager, women are grabbing almost all roles offered by this sector. We have identified some roles where women are doing well in the facilities management industry. 

They are:

  • Office assistant
  • Manager
  • Helpdesk executive
  • Accounts manager
  • Marketing roles
  • Sales executives

Here is how they make it work: 

Overcoming employee resistance to change: 

Women make good managers. Their ability to handle things differently help in increasing productivity and rate of success, as women understand the problems accurately. They are capable of handling the employees both emotionally and professionally, thereby dealing with the employees woes efficiently. 

Networking skills: 

Women are immanently clever to create a network. Employees are more at ease with female bosses regarding their issues. The connections they make while working is a boon to them as well as to the company. It establishes a chain. Almost all workplace has infrastructure-related and other issues. A woman with a good network will resolve the problem as soon as possible. Their networking skills make every task smooth.  

Problem-Solving skills: 

Women are naturally great communicators, and possess excellent analytical skills. They discuss the situation with others, take everyone’s opinion and arrives to a common solution. It helps them to make an accurate decision. Problem solving and decision making are the gist of service industry. Thus, having more of diverse teams will help the industry to grow and flourish. 

Opportunity experts:  

Women are realistic and specific with their ambitions and aims. They inspire others to do the same. They are capable of handling issues differently, which further helps to increase the company’s productivity and efficiency.  

Emotionally Intelligent:  

Being emotionally intelligent at work entails women receiving critical feedback, refraining from blame games, offering meaningful thoughts that are helpful to the firm or the entire team, and always motivating one and others to improve the workplace. 

Overall, women make good Facility Managers. Every industry has its limitation and prejudice. It is now high time for women to actively and seriously join the facility management services.