Specialized project services

Specialized project services is a tailor made solution offered to our customers ranging from civil, electrical, plumbing works be it new construction or retrofit jobs in existing facilities to deep cleaning activities (floor care, high rise cleaning and upholstery cleaning). Through this, we provide one time enhancement look and feel of the facility

Deep cleaning services

Carpet shampooing

Thanks to professional and impeccable cleaning from the PROPCARE experts, your carpet becomes as good as new!

Disinfection and Sanitization

PROPCARE deploys potent chemicals and experienced professionals to custom fit the client’s requirements and embarks on their journey of a healthy living

Facade and High rise Cleaning

Our high rise & facade cleaning personnel carry recommended qualifications and essential skills for using access platforms and fork lifts, supported by rigorous in-house training and supervision

Professional floor deep cleaning

The PROPCARE deep cleaning services will restore your floors to their optimum condition, even in wet or highly-greased areas such as swimming pools, restaurants, food production areas and high-foot-fall areas such as shopping centres and railway stations

Upholstery cleaning

Our staff will work tirelessly to give you an amazing, clean, safe and fresh home for you to live in. we provides the best upholstery cleaner and upholstery shampoo for your furniture.

Civil, MEP retrofits

Electrical and Plumbing installations and repair

Our highly skilled technicians are available at your disposal at all times and would ease off your stress in no time.

Minor Civil Construction & Retrofit

Retrofitting a building involves changing its systems or structure after its initial construction and occupation. This work can improve amenities for the building’s occupants and improve the performance of the building.

STP/WTP Renovation

Casa Grande Propcare’s sewage treatment services will ensure that your home functions as well as it looks. Contact Casa Grande Propcare to avail the best sewage treatment services in Chennai.

Water proofing and Painting

Our team will bring expert advice to all types of paints & wall decoration elements – primer, putty, plain finishes, special effect paints/textures/patterns, signature finishes, enamels, solvent based paint, water based paint, wood care products, metal care products, stencils/ wall prints, etc.


With our core and experienced AC technicians, we undertake regular checks and periodic maintenance of chiller units, AC, ventilation equipment and fire dampers for enhanced and optimum functioning of assets.

Face-lift your workplace? Choose us

  • Dedicated engineering team to meet all your facility enhancement requirements
  • Exclusive survey team and experienced design team to provide cost effective solution
  • On time delivery to boost your productivity
  • AMC options to maintain your standards

Other Services


Integrated Facility Management Services

Soft Services

  • House Keeping & Janitorial services
  • Pest control
  • Land Scaping
  • Waste management
  • Guest House management

Hard Services

  • Mechanical, electrical, Plumbing service
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • HVAC
  • Building Automation Management(BMS)
  • Fire and safety management

Business Support Services

  • Production support services
  • Ware house management
  • Staffing & Payroll Services

Security Services

Physical man Guarding

Electronic surveillance patrolling


Specialized project services

Deep cleaning services

  • Floor care
  • Facade and High rise Cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Disinfection and Sanitization

Civil, MEP retrofits

  • Minor civil constructin and retrofits
  • Electrical and Plumbing installations and repair
  • Water proofing and Painting
  • STP/WTP Renovation
  • HVAC