Streamline Maintenance Plan with Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine Tracking System

Introduction about Facility Management

Facility management (FM) has evolved beyond simply keeping buildings clean. Today, it encompasses a multitude of disciplines dedicated to ensuring all building areas function seamlessly. This includes maintaining fire safety features, adhering to agreed-upon service level agreements (SLAs) for cleanliness and maintenance, and implementing green building practices.

Facility Management provides occupants with the assurance of a comfortable and secure space. It integrates people, place, processes, and technology. In recent years, advanced cleaning machines equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) have become ubiquitous in maintaining clean and eco-friendly buildings.

What is Tracking Automatic Cleaning Machine?

These AI-powered cleaning machines offer real-time tracking capabilities, allowing facility managers to monitor cleaning efficiency with a single click. The collected data is readily available on mobile devices or laptops, facilitating real-time monitoring and adjustments.

Key Features

  1. Predictive Insights: Machines send alerts regarding daily activities, providing facility managers with valuable insights into:
    • Working hours and idle time of machines
    • Areas cleaned
    • Consumption patterns of machines and resources
  2. Data-Driven Optimization: Over time, data analysis allows facility managers to:
    • Gauge cleaning patterns in designated areas
    • Make informed adjustments to optimise cleaning routines

Real-World Example

In 2014, Indian Railways implemented Track Floor Cleaning Systems to maintain clean railway tracks. This primarily mechanical system operates in Delhi, Lucknow, and other northern regions. While effective, it lacks the advanced AI capabilities of newer machines.

How Can Tracking Cleaning Machine (TCM) Help in Facility Management?

Most companies offer TCM solutions with flexible financing options, including Capex (Capital Expenditure) and Opex (Operating Expenses) models, alongside reasonable maintenance plans.

Understanding the difference between Capex and Opex is crucial for informed decision-making. Capex covers major purchases with long-term goals, while Opex handles day-to-day operational costs. Facility managers can select the plan that best suits their needs and overhaul their cleaning and maintenance procedures accordingly.

Parameters Monitored by Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine Tracking

  • Location covered by operators
  • Battery Life of the system
  • Battery levels (usage and charging time)
  • Crashes
  • Working hours and idle time of the machines
  • Areas cleaned
  • Water consumption
  • Fleet monitoring

Future of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Facility Management

The world of facility management is embracing the transformative power of AI and robotics. We witnessed this during the pandemic, with robots deployed to assist mall visitors with hand sanitization. These innovations not only reduce costs but also minimise human error.

The introduction of IoT and AI has revolutionised building systems and devices, enabling them to measure process behaviour and communicate with each other. Sensors, metres, and intuitive software programs are now integral to facility management, empowering real estate (RE) and FM professionals to gain unprecedented insights into the operational efficiency of their buildings and assets.

Benefits of using Track Cleaning Machine

  • Enhanced Transparency: Eliminates manual intervention and potential manipulation within the system.
  • Reduced Downtime: Proactive maintenance ensures machines remain operational, minimizing downtime.
  • Improved Visibility: Facility managers gain comprehensive insights into cleaning operations.
  • On-Time Maintenance: The tracking system facilitates timely maintenance, extending machine lifespan.
  • Data-Driven Accountability: The system records negligent usage (crashes, idle time, misuse), promoting accountability among operators.


The world is embracing intelligent systems across all industries, and facility management is no exception. Tracking Automatic Floor Cleaning Machines represent a powerful tool for streamlined maintenance, optimized cleaning routines, and enhanced operational efficiency. With AI and robotics shaping the future of facility management, the possibilities for creating clean, comfortable, and secure spaces are boundless.