Casa Grande PropCare advantage:

  • It is a fully owned subsidy of Chennai’s Largest Real estate company Casa Grande Private Limited
  • A Professionally driven facility management company with spreads in Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore
  • Process driven and customized solutions
  • Trained and Motivated professionals adhering to quality standards
  • Complete home refurbishment services – include Plumbing and fixture replacements,electrical, painting, carpentry, deep cleaning services, upholstery shampooing, pest control, property rental and resale, water purification system and air conditioning services

Home refurbishment now becomes easier with Casa Grande Propcare. Propcare provides the best home refurbishment services in Chennai. Casa Grande Propcare aims to provide the best home refurbishment services in Chennai. All home refurbishment issues and problems will be handled with efficiency and quality by a trained staff of Casa Grande Propcare. The staff of Casa Grande Propcare are extremely dedicated to their work and perform each job with dedication and efficiency. You can expect the best services from Casa Grande Propcare.

Casa Grande Propcare is dedicated to ensuring that your home looks presentable and is kept in the best form ever. Our staff will always be on call and are always ready to provide the best services that you will need for your home.Casa Grande Propcare aims to be one of the best home refurbishment service companies in Chennai. Our staff will work tirelessly to give you an amazing, clean and fresh home for you to live in. Your home should not just look appealing but should also function properly as any good home should. Propcare will take care of all your home refurbishment needs with the best of care and expertise. Our staff are very professional and well trained in home refurbishment. End your home refurbishment problems by making a call to Casa Grande Propcare and availing our home refurbishment services. Contact Casa Grande Propcare to avail the best home refurbishment services in Chennai for your home now.