Employee Benefits

Casa Grande Propcare providing comprehensive benefits, services and programs to eligible employees, retirees, and their dependents:

  • Meet and anticipate their individual needs
  • Assure the state’s competitiveness with other employers to attract and retain employees
  • Maximize cost effectiveness
  • Assure optimal health and productivity of employee
  • Accidental claim policy and other benefits
  • On-time salary to our employees


Training and Development

Casa Grande Propcare provides training and development to promote and support employees development and organizational effectiveness by providing high-quality training and motivational programs.

Trainings are designed to meet individual, group or departmental, and institutional needs and objectives. We strive to enhance individual learning and development as the means for creating a better workplace environment.

Safety Environment

Casa Grande Propcare strives to provide a safe and healthful working/learning environment for its employees. Casa Grande Propcare strives to play a vital role in its environmental safety, health protection, safety standards and in itscompliance with applicable laws and regulations.